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For over 20 years, the Washington Community Market has been the Downtown Eastside’s food store. We sell affordable, right-sized groceries and household necessities to residents, other businesses and community organizations.

Everyone is a valuable customer at the Washington Community Market. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff include local residents who face barriers to employment.

The Downtown Eastside isn’t just where we are. It’s who we are.

Sometimes you just need a little sugar, cereal, toilet paper or cat litter. To better serve customers with limited incomes, we provide many products in small or single-serve portions.

Our low prices benefit more than just residents. Our large inventory of essential goods can also support a community organization’s bulk and wholesale purchase needs - helping keep program and overhead costs, low.

Since we respond to the changing needs of our customers, our product offering is always changing.

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Why shop local?

Local businesses are the backbone of healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods. They hire residents and reinvest in the local economy. They support local initiatives, buy local services and stock local products. Most of all, they foster community connections for their customers.

When you shop at the Washington Community Market, you invest in the people and the potential of the Downtown Eastside. Support the Washington Community Market - your local Downtown Eastside grocer.