A Look at the Essential Foods Collection at WCM

by Shaugn Schwartz

Healthy eating is crucial for maintaining good physical and mental health, but the cost of nutritious foods can be a barrier for many people. To monitor the cost and affordability of healthy eating, the Canadian government tracks the cost of items in the National Nutritious Food Basket (Basket). This Basket of items includes sixty (60) essential foods that are considered necessary for a balanced and healthy diet. 

Washington Community Market (Market), located in the Downtown Eastside, is committed to providing affordable, nutritious food options for its customers. That's why the market has created the Essential Foods Collection which is made up of products in the Basket.

The Market tries to stock as many of the items in the Basket as possible and keep prices in this collection as low as possible. This makes it easier for our customers to access nutritious food options, regardless of their income or background.

By stocking the Essential Foods Collection and keeping prices low, the Market is helping to promote healthy eating and reduce the cost barriers. 

Next time you visit us, take a look at the Essential Foods collection and see the options available for a nutritious and affordable diet.